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What is Delfiny AI?
Delfiny AI connects you with AI-powered Digital Marketing Assistants for personalized meetings. It provides advice and insights on your digital advertising strategies. Assistants provide tailored guidance, actionable recommendations, and competitor analysis for optimizing your ads and gaining a competitive advantage. Through advanced algorithms and data analytics, Delfiny AI enables you to make informed decisions and achieve success in digital advertising.
Who should use Delfiny AI?
Delfiny AI is suitable for advertisers seeking outside opinions, confused about ad performance, needing improvement recommendations, curious about competitors' digital presence, having difficulty scheduling meetings, and requiring help with technical adjustments.
What are the advantages of using Delfiny AI?
The advantages of using Delfiny AI include:
  • - Getting answers to your questions quickly
  • - Entirely based on data analysis
  • - Reliable and subjective
  • - Human-like insights based entirely on realistic data
  • - Accessible anytime, anywhere
  • - Affordable pricing
What can I ask Delfiny AI?
You can ask Delfiny AI anything about your ads and ad accounts. Additionally, you can ask questions about your competitors’ digital marketing strategies.
  • Example:
  • How can I increase the performance of my campaigns?:
  • How can I get more results with the same budget?
  • How can I improve my campaign goals?
  • How much traffic does my competitor get?
In which languages does Delfiny AI provide services?
Delfiny provides services in English, Turkish, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
Can I use Delfiny AI for competitor analysis?
Yes, you can use Delfiny AI for competitor analysis. You can gain insights about your competitors by asking questions about their digital marketing strategies.
  • Here's how;
  • Ask a question using the word “competitor” to our AI-Powered Digital Marketing Assistants. Enter your competitor’s domain in the popup that appears afterward. From now on, we will respond to you as a result of our analysis.
Can I use Delfiny AI for target audience analysis?
Yes, Delfiny AI’s Digital Marketing Assistants can give you advice and analysis on your audience targeting.
Is Delfiny AI usable for keyword analysis?
Yes, Delfiny AI’s Digital Marketing Assistants can give suggestions and analysis on keywords.
Can I use Delfiny AI for ad optimization?
Yes, Delfiny AI’s Digital Marketing Assistants can give suggestions on how to achieve better performance after analyzing the campaigns in your ad account.
What problems does Delfiny AI solve?
Delfiny AI solves various problems for its users, including:
  • - Lack of insights into digital marketing
  • - Inefficient decision-making about your digital ads
  • - Confusion about ad performance
  • - Limited access to expertise
  • - Budget inefficiency
  • - Inability to track competitors' digital marketing activities
  • - Challenges in getting advice on technical adjustments to your ads
What integrations does Delfiny AI support?
Currently, Delfiny AI integrates with Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
Does Delfiny AI use or share my data?
No, Delfiny AI doesn’t share your data. However, it uses your data to analyze and provide you with insights about your ads. When you ask questions, it answers and gives you advice according to your ads’ data.
What kind of security measures are in place to protect my data?
Delfiny AI collects your data with GDPR compliance. Delfiny AI uses your ads data through Facebook and Google API channels instantly, not in a database. Your financial data is processed instantly without storing important information such as the performance results of your ads.
Is Delfiny AI secure to use?
Delfiny AI collaborates with Google and Facebook. It rapidly processes ad campaign data using the Facebook and Google platforms. It is completely safe to use and easy to get advice about your Google and Facebook ad campaigns.
Can any changes be made to my ads and other data without my permission?
No, Delfiny AI doesn’t make any changes to your ads and other data without your permission.
What is your Privacy Policy ?
You can reach out to our Privacy Policy here.
What are the plans and pricing for Delfiny?
It works with a credit system. You can see the plans and pricing in detail here.
Can I change my subscription plan?
Yes, you can change your subscription plan. You can make the change by accessing the subscription tab on the settings screen.
With which payment methods can I create a subscription?
Currently, we can only accept credit card payments.
What will happen to my remaining credits when I cancel my subscription?
When you cancel your subscription, you can use your remaining credits until the next payment date.